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Get up to 90% off exclusive rights in our clearance catalogue with exclusive beats starting at $249. Grab them before they're gone.

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Browse through the store, select the beat(s) you’d like and click "ADD".
Proceed to checkout and make payment via PayPal or Card.
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Exclusive Rights

Get up to 90% off exclusive rights in our clearance catalogue with exclusive beats starting at $249. Grab them before they're gone.


$1699 $249

Complete exclusivity for professional artists.

Untagged MP3
Untagged WAV
Tracked-Out Stems
Upload To Streaming Services
Unlimited Streams
Unlimited Music Videos
Unlimited Term
Paid Performances
YouTube Monetization
Synchronization Use
Unlimited Radio Airplay
Removed From Beat Store

All licenses include:

Instant Download
High-Quality Audio
No Voice Tag
Signed Agreement

Release your music through any distributor to all major platforms.

Our work is recognised by some of the biggest audio platforms in the world, so you can be assured that you're buying from the best and your tracks will be of a professional standard.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing beats is easy! First, browse our catalogue of beats. If you’ve got a specific style or artist type of beat you’re looking for you can use the top search bar. When you’ve made your choice, click the “add to cart” button and choose which pricing option works with you. Then proceed to checkout and pay via PayPal or credit card!

As an artist, first you must ask yourself whether you want to sell copies of your song or not/give it away for free. If you’re song will be used for non-commercial use, you do not need a license.

If you intend to upload to Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud etc. and monetise your streams (make money from your streams) then you’ll need to purchase a lease.

Depending on how big you are trying to go with your song, you then need to choose a leasing option that best suits your project. 

Once payment is complete, the untagged beat (and trackouts if selected) will be delivered to the email address specified or linked with your PayPal account. Be sure to check spam/junk folders. If you still see nothing, please email info@fliptunesvip.com or hit up our live chat.

Yes, when you purchase a license, you will receive an untagged WAV of the beat.

Yes, you can purchase Exclusive Rights to a beat, however, pricing is dependant on the beat you would like to purchase. All you have to do is click “ADD” on the beat you’d like and click “Make An Offer” and we’ll respond within 60 minutes.

Listing (Prod. By FlipTunesMusic) at the end of the song title & crediting in the song’s description works great!

“Track-outs” or “stems” are a term used to describe the files that make up the beat. For example, stems of a beat would include a separate, high-quality .WAV file for a kick drum, a separate file for a snare drum, a separate file for a bassline, and so on for every element that makes up the beat.
Many artists who record in recording studios prefer this option to have better control of the beat for mixing/mastering or song rearrangement purposes.

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Giving independent artists opportunities to have industry-quality beats & hooks without breaking the bank. Take your music to the next level.