Producer Collabs

How It Works

Collaborate with FlipTunesMusic & start cooking up a hit.

Once the beat is done, you’re free to do whatever you want with it – license, sell it, upload to YouTube, etc, as long as you give credit to FlipTunesMusic. If it’s going up either in my beat store, yours, or both, licensing revenue will be split 50/50.

I love all music. Hopefully you’re somewhat familiar with my catalog and already know what you want me to add, but send a couple different ideas and I can just pick one if that makes it easier. Go to my YouTube channel for more examples.

YES! Our collab will be uploaded to my beat store and all revenue will be split 50/50 with you!

Typically, I can send something back within 72 hours. If I’m backed up with other projects and collabs, it could take up to a week. Regardless, we’ll be in contact via Instagram.

As an added perk, sometimes I create video assets for beat collabs to promote on social media. This isn’t always possible, it just depends on my availability at the time.

To send your files after payment, attach 2-4 MP3 files of your collab ideas to I’ll check them out and let you know which to send WAV stems/track-outs for so we can get started.

You’re entitled to 2 minor revisions after I send you my first version. That means basic melody or drum changes, arrangement edits, and other things that are pretty easy to do.

I use BeatStars as my distributor. You will need to have an account with BeatStars in order to receive your splits from my beat store.

Benefits of a Collab

A collab is a perfect way of getting your music out there.

Start Creating Income

My beat store generates six-figures annually. You'll make back your initial investment in no time & you'll continuously generate revenue from our collab.

Increased Exposure

Our collab & your profile will be posted on my YouTube channel with over 125K subscribers & my verified Instagram profile with over 68K followers.

FREE Sound Kit

As an added perk, you'll also receive my DRIP Sound Kit absolutely FREE. This is a kit that I use in all my beats and I'll send it over before we start working on the collab.

Invest in your music.

Investing in a collab is one of the most beneficial things you can do as a music producer. It's the perfect way to get yourself on the map, start building a fan-base and start generating income doing what you love. Let's get it.


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Any unauthorized use of the beats, including commercial use of tagged beats as well as unauthorized reselling, is considered a direct violation of the Copyright law and is infringing upon the copyrights of the works of FlipTunesMusic. Under the fullest extend of the law, FlipTunesMusic reserves the right to take legal action or pursue financial compensation as a result of any breach or violation of the Licensing Policy.

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